What’s a better method of paying for your health club membership: a loan or credit card?

Health club membership is expensive, and most people require a loan to pay for one. Loans and using your credit card are two options, and each has its pros and cons.

Many people decide between a credit card payment or health club loans, which would fall under the category of personal loans, based on the interest rates. Personal loans are on an average three percent less expensive than credit card loans. However, the customer should also consider hidden costs such as the loan processing fees, and annual charges. Moreover, depending on the schemes in vogue, using credit card may offer bonus points, cash back offers, discounts, or other benefits. loan

Of course, if one has money and is willing to repay the credit card company within the interest free repayment window, then credit card is clearly the preferred choice.

Even otherwise, it may make sense to pay your health club membership with credit cards. The most obvious advantage is the hassle-free process. You already have your credit-card and all you need to do is swipe the card or give the credit card number at the health club. In contrast, you would need to approach your bank and apply for a personal loan, and complete all the paperwork to secure the amount. In any case, getting the loan is not guaranteed, and depends wholly on the discretion of the bank. If your credit score is below par, the bank may refuse the loan outright.

Using health club credit cards offer more flexibility than health club loans. With credit cards, it is possible to pay only a small minimum amount every month and roll over the loan until you have the ability to repay. With loans, failure to pay up the pre-determined EMI would count as a default and impact the credit score adversely.

Another advantage of using health club credit cards is the relative ease in challenging unauthorised charges, compared to fighting an account debt. Many health clubs insist on auto-deduction, and many make unauthorised charges, especially when you terminate your membership. In the same way, it is easier make a compensation claim for defective service when the payment is made by a credit card.

What are the best ways to relax in a health spa?

Health spas offer a variety of treatments, and sometimes there are so many treatments that the choice can be overwhelming. If you are simply looking for a way to relax, most spas have several treatment options. In the end any treatment that you enjoy can be relaxing, but there are some therapies that are especially effective for those who are stressed out.health spa

Most massages promote relaxation and a typical health spa will have a variety of massage therapies on offer. However some treatments, such as deep tissue or sports massages, are designed to work on injuries or muscle tension. If you are hoping to switch away and be pampered for an hour, aromatherapy is always a good option. This massage uses essential oils and the masseur can choose oils especially for their calming, de-stressing properties.

Another great treatment for de-stressing is hot stone therapy. In this treatment the therapist places flat, smooth, warm stones on different areas on the client’s body. Usually the stones are placed on the client’s back, because most people carry tension in this area. The warmth releases tension in the muscles, and the masseur can also use the stones to massage tense areas in the back and the shoulders. Most people who receive hot stone massage report feeling calm afterwards and sleeping well that night.

Indian head massage is a de-stressing treatment for those who have little time, but who need to use that time to relax. This massage works on pressure points in the head, the neck and the shoulder area. The massage releases tension and can also help with tight neck and shoulder muscles.

Facials, manicures and pedicures can also be very relaxing. The best way to relax in a health spa is to book a time slot and try to switch off for that time just to enjoy the treatment. Taking time off often is the most effective way to de-stress.